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Slivers and Snippets: Happy 25th Birthday, Baby Brother!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy 25th Birthday, Baby Brother!

Today I called my brother to chat and tell him happy birthday, and we had what I think was a fairly humorous conversation. So give to you, my three readers, Conversations With My Bro, Yo, Part 3 (or 4?).

Bro: I've been up since 5:15 when YOUR stupid father called me.

Me: Dude, you broke his computer.

Bro: I did not. The internet just needed time to process.

Me: Whatever. You broke it, take some responsibility, you're old now.

Bro: I'm eating brownies. I made them.

Me: SPECIAL brownies? Or regular brownies?

Bro: Huh?

Me: You know, SPECIAL brownies, or just, you know, brownies.

Bro: Special brownies?

Me: Oh my god. Brownies with MAR-I-JA-WANA in them.*

Bro: Oh. No, they are regular brownies. Although there are a lot of them, I made two boxes.

Me: That's a lot of brownies. But, it is your birthday. So you're having them for lunch?

Bro: And breakfast. Actually, I've had so many now they might be special and I just don't remember.

Me: You're like, "Did I put pot in these? Who knows, I'm hungry! More brownies!" Which I think is kinda the point of special brownies.

Bro: Do you watch Project Runway?

Me: No. Once I watched Next Top Model and Tyra Banks yelled at someone. It was funny.

Bro: I don't watch that. But Project Runway isn't so bad, they aren't as fake as all the other reality shows.

Me: I like Hell's Kitchen. That guy is so fake, it cracks me up.

Bro: I hate that show. Anyway, you know my friend Leslie? She got dumped by this asshole and so one day me and Samantha and Jessica were over there to help, and we ended up watching four straight hours of Project Runway.

Me: Dude, I bet you wished you had special brownies then.

Bro: If ever I did, it was then.

*I know this isn't the correct spelling, but that's how I said it.


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