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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Next Big Thing

I'm sure everyone has already done this with their friends. But the other night Jack & Amy were visiting, and there was a big group of us at a bar* thinking of all the different kinds of movies we could make that would be like Snakes On A Plane.

It started out just trying to match up animals with modes of transportation, but then turned into the Alliteration Olympics.

  • Rats on a Train
  • Lizards on a Raft
  • Moths on a Vespa
  • Bees in a Car (this one actually elicited gasps and grimaces - "Please, seriously, bees in your car are SCARY.")
  • Alligators on Ice Skates (I'm not sure that fits the genre, but I like it.)
  • Oysters in a Hot Air Balloon (Oh! Pearls in the Air!)
  • Weasels on a Helicopter
  • Spiders on a Ship
  • Gorillas on a Gondola
  • Zebras on a Zambonie OR Zebras in a Zeppelin
  • Beetles on a Bungie Cord (Do you think we were drinking?)
  • Cats in a Cab
  • Ants on the Amtrak (Don't be scared, Clare!)
  • Bullweivels on a Boat
  • Termites in a Treehouse (Not a mode of transportation, but still scary.)
  • Gerbils on a Dirigible

And of course, as previously mentioned in my comments, Rabbits on a Space Shuttle Manned By Cabbage Patch Kids.

Coleslaw, anyone?



At 12:57 PM, Blogger Steve-O said...

I am disappointed. You missed alpacas on a autogyro.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger JayAre said...

Damn, I knew we were missing something.


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