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Slivers and Snippets: Delirious with fever

Monday, May 15, 2006

Delirious with fever

So, I worked in the yard all day. MUCHO MUCHO working happened. One bush, one dead tree and one very ugly plant/yucca/palm tree type thing* (that was hateful and housed scary weird bugs) were all dug up. Weeds were pulled. Holes were filled. Flowers were planted around trees and bushes (ok, one tree and one bush). I attempted to dig out an extra fence post (one of many**) but my arms gave out after 40 minutes of digging around the concrete. There are people that might read this that will think, "So? I work in my yard all the time." Well, I DO NOT. This is a very big deal.

We have a fairly unattractive backyard. Since it is visible from the main road, at least until we get a fence in a couple weeks, I intend to beautify the ugliness as much as possible. Until I lose interest, that is. Tomorrow I will dig up a square of yard next to the house, fence it off with pretty decorative fencing that has already been purchased from the Wonder That Is Target, and plant sunflower seeds.

But tomorrow, I will wear sunblock. No matter how nice and cool it is outside, no matter whether or not I wear a hat, no matter whether or not I remember my sunglasses, no matter whether or not I remember to get dressed, I WILL WEAR SUNBLOCK. Because today... today I did not.

Granted, I have a Nicole Kidman***/Irish skin tone, so I lobsterize**** very easily and quickly. But still.

*I intend to look up the ugly hateful plant on the internet. Don't worry, I know that thousands of people are riveted by my stories, so I will report back any findings.

**Who builds fences in the middle of the yard? The guy that owned the house before Mark, that's who. He lives a few houses down from us now. I've half a mind to go down there and tell that man a thing or two.

***I'm laughing as I write this. Her complexion on three of her bodies. And not so much a beautiful milky white as a freckle-y blinding white.

****I can make all the words I want. Shut up.


At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Whinger said...

Lobsterize is totally a word.

This same exact burn happened to me last weekend. I keep telling myself it's good to get Vitamin D. It's good!

At 1:07 AM, Blogger JayAre said...

Vitamin D is good for you! At least I won't end up like those poor kids from Flowers In The Attic. My head may be sunburned, but it's a nice normal size.

Yay for the word lobsterize! I will try to use it at least once more this week. Then it will catch on, and I can say, "Hey, I started that."


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