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Slivers and Snippets: If you don't know about Kevin teaching me slang, just keep moving. Nothing to see here, people.

Monday, May 01, 2006

If you don't know about Kevin teaching me slang, just keep moving. Nothing to see here, people.

Bro: Freaking animals.

Me: What?

Bro: They fight. I don't know what kind of animals they are. But they fight each other on the roof right over my bed.

Me: They are probably birds or squirrels or some shit.

Bro: They are definitly some shit. I only went to bed four hours ago. They are jerks.

Me: Why? Up late sexing Sarah up?

Bro: Working. I mean, yeah. Sexing up.. whatever.

Me: My animal runs in circles around the couch while I eat.

Bro: Give her a lot of food and she will stop.

Me: I gave her food and that is why she started. Something about energy, I don't know.

Bro: Well, don't put crack in it next time.

Bro again: I heard your dog got her ass kicked.

Me: No, we went there {dog park} to see if we could get her ass kicked, but then she didn't need her as kicked after all. There was no ass kicking.

Me again: There was alot of ass smelling.

Bro: Does she do what you say now?

Me: It's not us, she does listen to us. She just was playing with Winston in class on Saturday,and she was playing a little rough, and the trainer said, either it's because they were kennel mates (which they were, we already knew that) or we need to take her to the dog park to get her butt kicked. So we thought we would try the dog park just in case, but it turns out she's fine with other dogs. She only wants to eat Winston.

Bro: That's because Winton's a little bitch. I heard they trade him for smokes.

Me: Yo, mos def.*

Bro: Mos Def?

Me: Yeah, dude. It's slang. Keep up.

Bro: It's not slang. It's a guy. He's an actor. Good one too.

Me: I know. It's also slang.

Bro: Oh.

Me: He was a rapper first.

Bro: Yeah, but he was a lousy rapper. Great actor.

Me: YOUR MOM is a lousy rapper.

Bro: That is correct.

*I do realize that this is quite possibly the incorrect usage of "mos def." However, I'm just glad I got it into a conversation.


At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm... Winston is NOT a little bitch. Repeat: NOT a little bitch. He's tough. I'll prove it. Let me get his pink leash and we'll meet behind the big slide. BRING IT.


At 6:58 AM, Blogger JayAre said...

(LOL - You crack me up! Pink leash...LOL)

Stephen said he was a little bitch, not me! And I'm pretty sure Winston could kick Stephen's ass. However, I also think Sammie could kick Winston's ass. Ergo, Sammie can WAY kick Stephen's ass. You should see her tearing up her tennis ball-pole-rope-thingie. This girl mean BIDNESS!

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Chrissy said...

Look at you with the slang!!! Kevin would be so proud. Now you need to work, "Sup yo!!" and "that's WHACK!" into a conversation...peace out j-dawg.


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