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Thursday, April 20, 2006

How awesome are the people in my life?

So, Monday was my birthday. I did not relish turning 28. This is the year that I have to start saying I'm in my "late" 20's instead of my "mid" 20's. Bummer. But, at least I'm not 30, like some people I'm married to (he never reads this, that'll teach him).

Regardless of my disdain for the age of 28, I partied it up (Valdnic style!). Started off finally getting to open the box of gifts from my parents that had arrived on Friday, and had been sitting on the table mocking my curiosity for three days. An awesome array of gifts - new clothes and a giftcard to buy the fishtank I've been lusting after! (Which, btw, I have since purchased and set-up, yet have not put any gravel, decorations, or fish in.)

Then I played with the Amazing Sammie.

Then, my wonderful friends came and picked me up and took me to a surprise lunch at a friends taqueria (AWESOME FOOD!). Almost everyone I love was there - my whole friend family! So cool. And they got me amazing gifts - including a super-cute cooler, a scented oil burner that they knew I wanted, racy panties from the Dollar Store* (who doesn't need that), Friends Season 6, and, of course, beer. Ah, how well they know me... Tacos, beer, and presents. Doesn't get much better than that.

Oh, except it does get better, because my insightful friends not only thought of me, they also thought of the new puppy, and got her a cute squeaky frog** that she LOVES. And I love watching her fling the frog around her head until she wears herself out.***

After I got home and played with the puppy some more, Mark came home with the best gift ever - a gift card to Halfprice Books. That's a whole DAY of fun, my friends. And several days after - I can spend this whole summer reading! Hurray for no school in the summer! I should buy a t-shirt like

Then we took the puppy to the vet. This was sort of a down point in the day. Fun, of course, as I was with Mark and Sammie, but sad because Sammie has worms.**** And also LONG - nobody needs to spend two hours at the vets watching people put sticks up the puppies butt, on any day, but especially not on birthdays!

But things looked up afterwards. Mark took me out for sushi, which he used to not like, but now all the sudden he loves it! Yay! And after, I got ice cream at Marble Slab! Yay!

*These panties came with explicit directions from Fletcher to PLEASE GOD WASH THEM before wearing. I like that she thinks they'll fit me.

**Because who collects frogs? Me.

***Love the toy guys, but next time, maybe no squeak, huh?

****She's MUCH better now. SO BIG.


At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for FINALLY posting. I was starting to wonder what happened?


At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Except forget about that crazy question mark at the end of my last sentence. It got confused and jumped right on up there where the period was supposed to be...


And, by the way, I love the things that blogger makes you type if you're anonymous. The last one was buvbet. I liked it.

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